Salina Stake Youth Trek 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the 2015 Salina Stake Trek?

The Trek will be from June 8th to June 12th. We will meet at the Salina Stake Center at 6 pm. Make sure you come dressed in your pioneer clothes.

Which forms and releases do I need to return before March 31st?

There are four releases and forms that need to be filled out and signed. These are (1) The Salina Stake trek registration form, (2) the medical release from, (3) the LDS media release and (4) the Rusty Chain Productions media release.

What is the age group for the Trek?

The Trek is for all individuals currently in the young men and young women programs that are 14 years of age and older.

Will the YM/YW leaders from each Ward or Branch unit be attending the Trek?

Unfortunately there are a limited number of individuals that can go on the Trek due to the cost of transportation. For this reason only the leaders that have received a specific call or invitation will be going on the Trek.

What is a "Trek Family"?

Each young man or young women will be assigned to a Trek Family. The Stake Presidency has carefully selected the "Ma's and Pa's" from though out the stake. These individuals will lead your family for the duration of the Trek. Other members of your Trek Family will be other young men and young women from the different Wards and Branches throughout the stake. There will be 8 to 10 members to each family.

How do I get a pioneer name and story assigned?

If you have an ancestor that was part of one of the hand cart companies or wagon trains (Martin, Willie, Hunt, Hodgetts or Rescue Company) you may represent that ancestor on Trek and be prepared to share their story with your trek family.

For those that do not have an ancestor that was part of these particular pioneer groups listed above (which will be the majority), the Stake YW/YM Presidencies will be assigning names and pioneer stories to you previous to the Trek.

How do I get started finding pioneer clothing?

To familiarize you with what pioneer's wore in the 1850's refer to the Youth Packet or to the individual Clothing lists for Young Men or Young Women. Both documents can be found on

Sister Melissa Poulson from the Manhattan 2nd ward has been asked to be the 2015 Salina Trek clothing committee. She is a great resource for information on how to get started and what qualifies as pioneer clothing. Please contact her for questions or guidance her phone number is 530-277-5404.

It the stake paying for each youth's pioneer clothing?

Unfortunately not. Each individual family should provide their youth with the necessary clothing. If you have a situation of a family that just cannot afford this expense, please see your bishop/branch president about providing funds for that youth's clothing.

Can the youth bring friends on the trek?

Unfortunately not. We love when friends join us for all activities, but this activity is a little different. There is very limited bus space.

Can families join us for Trek if they drive themselves?

Unfortunately not. We know that everyone would love to go on Trek, but please understand, this is a YOUTH activity. Church policy recommends that we travel on buses to activities that are a long distance away and it greatly discourages individual cars from traveling to the activity. Also, we will have limited camping space and limited food.
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