Salina Stake Youth Trek 2015
Trek Theme
Covenant in the Cove
One of the primary spiritual underpinnings for many of the early Pioneer Saints was to immigrate to Zion as soon as possible so they could be sealed to their families and make covenants in the Temple, the House of the Lord. The 1,300 mile trek by handcart was only a portion of their journey; it was the covenants they had made and the covenants they hoped to make that gave them the motivation and drive to push towards Zion.

Trek Calendar
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What to Expect
The trek will be a physical challenge, this you probably already know. It will also present mental and spiritual challenges. So what should you expect?
  • Expect to be challenged physically
  • Expect to learn about yourself
  • Expect to have your testimony enlarged
  • Expect a journey of a lifetime
Below are videos of treks made in other stakes that may help you better understand what you'll experience.
Pioneer Stories
William and Jane James Family
William and Jane James were emigrating with their eight children, ages 8 months to 19 years. Their three oldest daughters later wrote accounts of the journey. Read More

Joseph and Emily Wall
Joseph and Emily Wall, two siblings who were emigrating on their own, did so with the blessing of their parents. Joseph was 17 and Emily 16 when they left England, the oldest of nine children. Because the family could not afford to emigrate together, Joseph and Emily were sent ahead, and the rest of the family hoped to follow soon afterward. Read More
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