Salina Stake Youth Trek 2015

Media & Resources


Web sites with pioneer information


The Price We Paid: The Extraordinary Story of the Willie and Martin Handcart Pioneers - Andrew D. Olsen
Tell My Story, Too - Jolene Allphin
Follow Me to Zion - Andrew Olsen, Jolene Allphin, Julie Rogers
Journal of the Trail - Stewart E Glazier and Robert S. Clark
Tragedy and Triumph: Your Guide to the Rescue of the 1856 Willie and Martin Handcart Companies
- Howard K. Bangerter & Cory W. Bangerter
Sweetwater Rescue: The Willie and Martin Handcart Story - Heidi Swinton
Handcarts to Zion - Leroy and Ann W. Hafen
Rescue of the 1856 Handcart Companies - Bartholomew and Arrington



17 Miracles
Ephraim's Rescue


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